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  • The Sindicato Maduro, In Stores Now

    The new Sindicato Maduro is a square-pressed cigar with an unfinished foot and is crafted with a beautiful, San Andrés Morrón wrapper.


  • Meet the Sindicato Natural

    A square-pressed Nicaraguan Puro crafted with a limited, shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Eduardo Fernandez in Jalapa, Nicaragua.


  • Whetting your

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  • Take a look at our lineup

    These are the new blends you go crazy for. The cigars your fingers go back for each and every time you’re in the humidor.



  • Affinity Maduro is a Nicaraguan-based blend that amps up the strength and grit of the original.
    Affinity Maduro is wrapped in a toothy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and
    chock-full with hearty Nicaraguan fillers and binder.

  • Packaged in authentic, Cubanesque dress boxes of 20 cigars, using the original Particulares vista artwork, the cigars certainly look the part. But it’s the blend that will have enthusiasts coming back. Working with the Fernandez family and their renowned TABSA factory in Nicaragua, Particulares incorporates 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos. Using a puro blend helps to mimic the classic Cuban profile, which is facilitated by the Fernandez family’s own AGANORSA leaf – among the most sought-after tobacco in the world.

  • The Sindicato Natural and the Sindicato Maduro are truly the perfect pair. They both are square-pressed and crafted by Arsenio Ramos with tobaccos from Eduaro Fernandez’s farms in Nicaragua. The Sindicato Natural has a a limited, shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Jalapa, Nicaragua, while the Sindicato Maduro is wrapped with beautful, dark maduro leaves from Alberto and Alejandro Turrent’s farms in San Andrés, Mexico.

  • Affinity is a medium-bodied cigar with a flawless Connecticut seed wrapper grown in Ecuador.
    It’s masterfully blended with superior-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos
    and delivers a rich, flavorful, and complex taste profile.

  • Hex is a unique and special cigar made from aged rare tobaccos carefully selected
    and blended in Condega, Nicaragua by the finest torcedors. It’s rich, dark Ecuadorian Habano
    wrapper delivers bold and hearty flavors that create an unforgettable smoking experience.

  • Casa Bella is a superior cigar with an exceptional value. It’s 100% handmade
    in the Dominican Republic and features a delicately balanced blend of hand-selected
    Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Casa Bella is highlighted by a beautiful Ecuadorian
    Connecticut wrapper and delivers a smooth, flavorful, mild to medium-bodied finish.

  • Crafted in Nicaragua and featuring premium Nicaraguan long-fillers, draped with a top-notch Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, the Maniac is not simply designed for a long smoking experience, but a full-flavored, maniacally tasty one at that!

  • For this special release we once again teamed up with the legendary Casa Fernández, this time moving from their Nicaraguan factory to US soil—Casa Fernández Miami. Sindicato Miami takes advantage of Casa Fernández’s expertly skilled torcedors.
    The gorgeous construction is met with a composite blend, utilizing features from both the Sindicato and Sindicato Maduro. A Shade Grown Jalapa Corojo wrapper (same as Sindicato Natural) surrounds a double binder of Jalapa & Estelí tobaccos with Nicaraguan filler tobaccos from Jalapa & Estelí (similar to Sindicato Maduro).


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We know everyone loves to win great prizes like boxes of great cigars or trips of lifetime to South America. That’s why we’ll be giving stuff away like that all year. Check back frequently to stay in the loop or follow us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, or Google+  for a chance to win something from Sindicato, or to get updates on our latest deals. VIEW OUR LATEST PROMOTION




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