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2013 IPCPR Recap

July 19, 2013

It was a terrific week in Las Vegas for Sindicato Cigars and it’s National Debut to the hundreds of retailers across the USA. AFFINITY, HEX and CASA BELLA were well received and should be on retail shelves in early September. Last night when I landed in Miami, or I should say this morning as our flight had a 3 hour delay and we landed at 12:01am, on the drive home I tried to think of what really was the highlight of the show for me. Although there were many things I could have picked, I decided it had to be the two customers who came to the booth the last hour of the show to turn in orders. One came over and said he smoked HEX and AFFINITY Wednesday night and loved them both and wanted to make sure he got his order in before he left the trade show floor. The other was the retailer who came over and said his son called from back home at the store to tell him to make sure he got to the Sindicato booth and ordered because there was some great chatter on the internet already about AFFINITY and HEX. I guess those two late orders made me realize that the future looks bright for SINDICATO.


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