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Upcoming Sindicato Event, Greenville, SC

Come on out and celebrate Sindicato with Dickson Wier at Boda Pipes & Cigars in Greenville, SC.

If you haven’t tried a Sindicato brand yet, now is a great time to come to our event and learn about our company. If you have tried one of our brands, now is a perfect time to get a deal!

Event deals are as follows:
Buy 4 Sindicato, Get 1 FREE!
Buy 3 Hex, Get 1 FREE!
Buy 3 Affinity, Get 1 FREE!

We hope to see you there. #JoinTheUnion

RSVP on Facebook or get directions:

Boda Pipes & Cigars
225 S Pleasantburg Dr. E9,
Greenville, SC 29607

Boca Raton, Florida – May 30th,2014
Sindicato Cigars continues to bring the best together on its journey to create greatness. This time, the company is bringing hundreds of retailers and thousands of consumers together by announcing National Sindicato Day this June 14th, 2014.

National Sindicato Day will be a day to get together with friends at participating tobacconists across the United States to celebrate the company’s new flagship cigar, the Sindicato. It’s well known that ‘Sindicato’ means ‘Union’ in Spanish, so to participate in this new cigar holiday, the company is urging everyone to “Join the Union” and become an official Sindicato member.

By filling out your Union Registration Card,consumers will receive a Sindicato Member lapel pin, access to event deals,pre-release news, exclusive cigar tastings, and more. If they purchase any four(4) Sindicato cigars on National Sindicato Day, they can enjoy one(1) Sindicato cigar of any size for FREE.

Jim Colucci, President and CEO of Sindicato, says “Just as we bring the best tobacco blends together, it’s now time to bring everyone together, so we can all enjoy our latest creation on the same day throughout the country.

Sindicato greatly appreciates all the support from our consumers and we love the excitement they have shown with our new cigar. We’ve received tons of photos and posts on our social media channels and it’s now time to show our support for our fans. We’re asking everyone to join Sindicato, so we can give out more than just great cigars.”

Please find a participating Sindicato retailer on June 14th, 2014 and JOIN THE UNION.

Follow all the action online during National Sindicato Day with the hashtags #JoinTheUnion and #NationalSindicatoDay

About Sindicato Cigars
Sindicato is a cigar company that creates unique brands and premium handmade blends catering to the evolving tastes of our consumers. The company is led by a group of experts who have multiple decades of experience and are among the top minds in the cigar industry. They have come together to put tobacco retailers and consumers first, and to create brands and blends they know people will love. The company produces premium brands such as Sindicato, Affinity, Hex, and Casa Bella. Based in Boca Raton, FL, Sindicato sells through hundreds of tobacco retailers throughout the United States.

For more information, please visit www.sindicatocigars.com or join our social scene:

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